Monday, April 03, 2006

Buddy Blue is dead

My friend Buddy Blue passed away unexpectedly yesterday. He was 48 years old. He had a heart attack at home.Buddy was a great musician who sang and played guitar most notably in the Beat Farmers. He had many other fine bands including The Jacks and his swing band. He was also a brilliant and sometimes scathing commentator and wrote reviews for the San Diego Union Tribune, The Reader and The Los Angeles Times among others. He leaves a four year old daughter, Tallulah and a beautiful wife, Annie.

To get a sense of Buddy, read his hilarious bio on his website. You will see instantly what a genius he was.

I have posted a few messages on Buddy's message board at
If you click on the link under his picture, you can sign in and post a message. The messages will be printed out and delivered to Annie and Tallulah after 4 pm today. If you don't make the deadline, please go and post anyway. There is also a book which will be assembled eventually for Tallulah to have memories of her daddy.
Send an email to . she will eventually get back to you about a place to send photos and memories. As soon as I find out anything else about a service or an address to send flowers I will. I am on the road now but will be home tomorrow for a day. I have buddys home address at home on my desktop.

I argued with Buddy a lot through the years. Though I was a huge fan of the Beat Farmers and later, The Jacks, his brutal honesty made me bristle sometimes especially when he was reviewing a friend negatively whom I thought particularly talented, like the late Preston
Coleman of Tobacco Road fame. But Buddy and I patched things up last year and I came to love and respect his blunt honesty, great sense of humor and integrity. I am so sad about his loss and encourage you to write a passage on the guest book. I hope Buddy is now jamming with Country Dick in heaven. Hug someone you love today. You never know when you won't be able to do it again.


Below is a link for the obituary.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received from Mr. Harsh Reality himself:
(his comments are in italics/ mine in normal writing)

I am praying for world peace
It'll never happen. Humanity is evil by nature.
and an end to global warming
Too late, our kids are totally fucked.
and most of all, for a new compassionate president!
Americans have become too stupid, greedy, selfish and mean-spirited for me to believe that'll happen, and we still have 3 1/2 years of Nazi occupation to endure first even if an actual human being IS eventually elected.

This message of good cheer, optimism and brotherhood brought to you by your friend, Mr. Harsh Reality!

Buddys obituary:


Blogger munichmaedchen said... link did not work but I found the site when I searched for buddyblue on blogspot.

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Blogger jenny angel said...

i am so sorry to hear about your friend. :( we just lost a friend, too, on saturday. this loss is part of Life, the yin to the yang of joy and happiness, but that doesn't make walking through it any easier. :( love to you from jenny

10:05 PM  

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