Saturday, March 25, 2006

buck owens is gone!

I am so sad to hear about the passing of Buck Owens. He was a great singer and a great human being. I opened for Buck a few times, most memorably when I was nine months pregnant with my youngest son Tommy. Buck, Dwight and I played at the SDSU open air theater that night. I was huge and Buck was so sweet, offering a hand to me when I came offstage. Here he was, this big star and he was just the sweetest gentleman. Buck was so humble and down to earth. I am lucky to have many of the original pressings of Buck and the Buckaroos plus a few cutaway records that were only sent out for promotional purposes. We once had the same agency, Halsey entertainment represent us. My favorite Buck songs are above and beyond, love's gonna live here (both of em I used to do in my live show) Loose Talkin' especially the version with Rose Maddox, Tiger by the Tail, Together again. I would love to hear any favorite buck stories you might have.

Rest in peace sweet cowboy!
Alvis Edgar Owens Jr.


Blogger petey the nickle said... what ever will happen to the ol` red white and blue guitar...???

peteythe nickle

2:47 PM  
Blogger jenny angel said...

dear candye, i thank you for your kind comments re mister o. reading all the stuff since the old man died has helped me get rid of some of my Stuff re that whole time in my life. you'd think the pope had passed around here (backwardsfield...)
the red white and blue guitars... there is a whole fleet of them. i imagine they will be mass-produced now. a funny thing i saw one time was when mr o came on stage & interrupted little richard's show to give the fabulous mr p a RW&B guitar. "wah, thank you, buck," richard said, and rolled his eyes, depositing the guitar quickly behind the wings... he was not impressed, i don't think, and didn't want to be interrupted by ANYBODY.
you live in encinitas??? dang, some of my best friends are there, too!!! we gotta get numbers one of these days. i still wanna play pianny for you, though i am intimidated! that means i have to at least try to, right? :)
thank you for turning me on to your blog. you love to write, and it shows!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happened upon this column while seeing your opinion of Ann Coulter and agreed 100%.

I was surprised about your impression of Buck Owens. I knew him through a business association and he was a jerk! He may have given you a hand and treated you like a lady...but he wanted women in their "place"! I was buying a country-western radio station he owned (and he owned quite a few) and he wouldn't even meet my eyes. He only spoke with my male attorney. He made a lot of "blonde" jokes. I was appalled!
I walked away from the deal and still shake my head when I think about him today. Some men can really hide their misogyny.

7:23 PM  

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