Friday, March 24, 2006

My friend Tab Hunter

My friend Tab Hunter has written a book about his life called Tab Hunter – Confidential. It is on the New York Times Best seller list and it really is an interesting read. My first exposure to Tab Hunter was from my mom’s 45 records. She had his big hit Young Love among her collection. I later met Tab’s partner, Allan Glaser twenty years ago when I was working as a phone sex girl in Marina Del Rey. Allan was producing a movie for 20th Century Fox called Sorority Confidential about phone sex and the college girls that worked the phones. He interviewed me for a part in the movie and hooked me up with his writers for the project. Unfortunately, they lost the funding for the movie and it never happened but Tab and Allan went on to write, produce and direct the fabulous Lust in the Dust movie starring Tab, Divine and Lainie Kazan. Tab has said that Divine was his favorite leading lady which is pretty incredible considering he co-starred with Sophia Loren, Lana Turner and Natalie Wood to name just a few. Tab and Allan had a beautiful home back then, in Benedict Canyon where they invited me to a fabulous dinner. They were the first gay couple I ever met and I remember being so impressed by their kindness, warmth and genuine love for each other. They have since moved to Montecito and I reunited with them at the Jewish Community Center here in La Jolla when Tab was here last week promoting the book. It was wonderful to see them both again. Tab and Allan have been together for 23 years! While he does address his gay lifestyle in his book, Tab doesn’t want to be a gay icon or role model. He relates to sexuality as a human condition and doesn’t like to label people gay or straight. Tab lost his brother in the Vietnam War and is extremely patriotic and I think a bit conservative in his own way. His book is amazing though, and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in early Hollywood and the studio system that created the stars of the 50’s. And the pictures are GORGEOUS. What a hunk he was and at 75 he still looks great! Once again, Tab is living proof that gay men are often the sexiest and best looking.


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