Friday, April 24, 2009

One Year Anniversary since the Whipple!

Today is my one-year anniversary today from the cancer surgery I endured on April 18, 2009. I really am amazed that I am still here, alive and actually performing tonight at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Club here in Paris!! What an incredible year it has been.

When I think back to how fragile and sick I was the first few weeks after the Whipple procedure for my pancreatic cancer, I am really astounded to be feeling as strong and healthy as I am today. I feel that I have been given a second chance at life and want to use every opportunity to inspire others to fight their own challenges and stay strong. If I can be an example to others of how to take charge of their own bodies and how to make lemons from lemonade, I will feel like all the pain and struggle of the last year has been worth it.

Just one year after cancer, I have been chosen as an ambassador for the Electra Bicycle Company in their 2010 catalog and Way To Roll ad campaign. The WTR campaign celebrates individuals leading unique & inspired lives in the hopes of inspiring others and igniting a chain reaction of positivity, awareness, change and artistry to make the world a better or more beautiful place to be. The campaign will be rolled out across several formats: advertisements in US and international magazines (mainstream pubs and those endemic to cycling culture), the beautiful 2010 Electra Bicycles catalog, and online at I will be featured in the catalog and possibly in an ad!! Woo Hoo!!

I have also finished my new cd, my tenth, SUPERHERO, for Delta Groove records.
Its slated for a June 16th release and we are super excited. I leave for Memphis for the Blues Foundation Awards on May 5. I am not nominated this year, but my friend, guitarist and co-producer, Laura Chavez and I will perform at the Delta Groove Records showcase alongside my other labelmates and friends.
Pretty exciting stuff just one year after being cut open, scrambled and put back together!

I know how lucky I am to be here. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly and many people die just six months after diagnosis. I was lucky to have a rare, slower moving form, the neuro endocrine tumor, and was lucky to have a brilliant and dashing surgeon Dr. Andrew Lowy at UCSD Moores Cancer Center perform my procedure. I have lost other friends to this same cancer so my future seemed pretty bleak at first. I still have to pinch myself that I am still here on this planet at all. I have very few side effects from the Whipple, other than losing 100 pounds. I have to be careful eating rich and fatty foods and that’s been a bit difficult here in France. I am looking forward to going back home to my juicer, my neighborhood health food store and most of all - my gorgeous yellow Electra bike!

Cancer has brought many blessings to my life. New friendships with other survivors and patients – bonding with others who are suffering health challenges, like my friends, Kenny Neal, Ann Rabson, Jenny Bohman and Michele Seideman. Cancer has made me reevaluate my choices and my lifestyle, helped me lose 100 pounds and taught me about nutrition and juicing. Most of all, cancer has made me appreciate the beautiful friendships and moments I have on this planet.

On today, the anniversary of the traumatic nine hour surgery I endured, I just want to thank you again for your kindness, white healing light and generosity. I am still hundreds of emails and thank you notes behind but little by little, I am getting caught up. Your monetary gifts, the benefits and beautiful words of inspiration you shared with me were essential and vital for my speedy recovery. People cannot believe how strong and vibrant I look, just one year after this cancer catastrophe. I feel great and am grateful to be around a bit longer to make music for you!
I realize now that every day I have here is special and sacred. There are no guarantees in life and so I cherish every day I am given.

May you fight your own struggles with courage and positive thought and may you also appreciate every day you open your eyes and take a fresh breath of air.

Your super hero diva,

Candye Kane

Candye Kane band shows

4/13 – 18 Paris, France/ Le Meridien Hotel
4/19 Purmerend, Holland/ Private party/
4/20 and 21 UBM workshops/ Holland
4/23 home from Europe
5/1 Bakersfield, Ca/ Double Tree Hotel Club Odyssey
5/8 Memphis Tn/ Delta Groove Records showcase at the National Blues Music Awards
5/9 San Jose, Ca/ Metro Fountain Blues Festival 2:30 pm
5/10 Orange County Marketplace/ 88 Fair Drive 92626
12 noon – 2:00 pm
5/16 Casper, Wy/ The Attic
5/17 Denver, Co/ Lannies Clocktower
5/18 Lyons, Colorado/ Oskars
5/20 Boulder, Co/ The Outlook Hotel
5/22 Dallas, Tx/ Pearl at Commerce w Cheryl Arena
5/23 Austin, Texas/ the Continental Club
5/24 Houston, Texas/ The Continental Club
5/28 Lincoln, Nebraska/ The Panic
5/29 Kansas City/ Knuckleheads
5/30 Eureka Arkansas/ Blues festival
6/2 Lincoln, Nebraska/The Zoo Bar
6/3 Des Moines, Ia/ Blues on Grand
6/4 Omaha, Nebraska/Murphys
6/5 Navarre, Mn/ Narrows Saloon
6/6 Chicago, Ill/ Fitzgeralds
6/7 Ann Arbor, Mi/ The Ark
6/9 Grand Rapids, Mi/ The Intersection
6/11 Macalester, Oklahoma/ Private event
6/12 Oklahoma City, OK/ Bricktown Blues Festival
6/17 New CD Super Hero! released on Delta Groove records!
6/20 Dana Point, Ca/ The Renaissance
6/26 Cloverdale, Ca/ Downtown Cloverdale concerts
6/27 Point Arena, Ca/ Arena Theater
6/28 San Francisco, CA/Biscuits and Blues
7/4 Portland, Oregon/ Waterfront Blues Festival (Mainstage)
7/5 Eugene, Oregon/ Sam Bonds Garage
7/10 Folsom, Ca/ Po Boys Bar and Grill
8/2 Chicago/ Halstead Market Days/Belmont and Halstead
8/4 Indianapolis, Indiana/ The Slippery Noodle
8/5 Cleveland, Ohio/ Beachland Ballroom
8/10 Rockland, Maine/ Time Out Pub
8/14 Woonsocket, RI/ Chans
8/15 Camton, New Hampshire/ White Mountain Blues and Boogie Festival w UK singer Dani Wilde
8/18 – 9/13 United by Music Tour of Ireland and the Netherlands/
10/3 Narooma, Australia/ Great Southern Blues festival

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