Wednesday, January 11, 2006

a poem about the women I meet around the world

midwest girls and their cornfield tan
are down to earth and understand
they'll always extend a helping hand
they know what it means to stand by their man
she's my friend, not just a fan.
cali girls with their golden hair
the ocean breeze and the flowers they wear
they surf and swim with a sunkissed grin
convertible cars and drive – thru sin.
southern girls with their sexy drawl
please and thank you. can i help y'all?
they'll share some beer in the pick up truck
where country cousins try their luck.
arab girls with their haunting eyes
a thousand nights, a thousand sighs
they hide themselves from prying eyes
and underneath the dark disguise
is a girl who's longing to be wise.
northern france? cest magnifique
the height of elegance and chic
a slender hand, a crepe suzette
the most beautiful girls I ever met.
cava cava cava bien. can't wait to see paree again.
southern france and northern spain
or is basque the proper name?
gypsy eyes - red lips apart
muy muy caliente heart
pray and eat, drink wine and fight
sleep all day and fuck all night
mucho corazon amour, mucho mas por favor
fiesta, siesta y todo - i cannot let espana go.
east coast girls can get there fast
they fight to win. they're built to last
shrewd and cool. nobodys' fool.
she knows what she wants. she'll get it from you.
she weathers ice and blistering sun
and still looks better than anyone.
I am just a white trash girl
from my van, I see the world.
wherever I go, I am blessed from above
by the beautiful women who show me their love.
-candye kane


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